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Tips to Beat the Winter Bulge

Healthy Winter Eating Tips

38% of women and 53% of men are expected to gain up to five kilograms over winter says the Dietitians Association of Australia. This may not sound like a lot, but research indicates that winter weight gain is not entirely lost, and over the course of a few years the numbers certainly begin to add up.  Whether you prefer lazy nights by the heater or prefer to socialise with friends, you will often find yourself surrounded by comfort foods and drinks high in sugar, fat, and calories. This winter doesn’t mean you’ll have to add a few extra holes to your belt - follow these 4 smart tips to indulge in a way that won’t wreck your progress or leave you feeling guilty, bloated, and sluggish.

Healthy Eating Tips for Winter

Limit the Amount of Takeaways

It's cold, you finished a hard day at work and you can't be bothered cooking. The local Indian takeaway is just around the corner and they deliver to your door. We've all been there. 

While takeaway is often a convenient option, especially for families, if you indulge too often the kilograms will pile on.

Tip: Plan your weekly meals in advance and opt for regular grocery shopping.

Do Not Show up to Events on an Empty Stomach

Starving yourself all day before attending a big party may seem like a good way to save on calorie intake, but is in fact counterproductive. Sure, you’ll preserve a few hundred calories by skipping breakfast and lunch but these calories will almost certainly be consumed (plus many more) when you begin binge eating during the party because you are famished. The trick is to eat as you normally do, and then have a healthy snack, like a fruit salad or a vegie smoothie, just before you leave for the party.

Tip: Check out our eating plans for more delicious, healthy food options.

Stick to a smaller plate

Recent studies have shown that choosing a smaller plate at meal times reduces your chances of overeating even when you have an option to go for a second round. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to mindlessly munch away by grazing on snacks at parties. The trick is to ensure you have a small plate, and limit the food intake to whatever can fit on the plate. Our Skinny Dip morning tea contains garcinia cambogia extract - a natural appetite suppressant to assist with and encourage smaller portion intake, and is the perfect way to begin your morning especially if you know that there will be a lot of food temptations throughout the day.

Tip: Incorporate a hot Buji Tea with your breakfast or dinner. The extra liquid will fill you up and you're less likely to overeat, plus the natural ingredients aid in healthy weight loss.

Don’t take home leftovers

It’s normal for most people to carry home some leftovers from a family gathering or a friend’s party. This is great for the host because they get to clear everything, but not so much for you because you will be taking home food you really do not need in your kitchen. Be strong and firmly decline any leftovers. The quicker you return to your normal diet, the better.

Tip: Enjoy the party, but leave the leftovers for the host!

If you do find that you have over indulged over the winter period, don’t beat yourself up. Our teatox systems are the perfect remedy to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish your inner digestive system whilst assisting with the healthy loss of any weight gains over the holidays.