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Easy Ways to Reduce Body Fat

While some body fat is normal and healthy, too much fat can leave you looking larger and flabbier than you would like (we’ve all been there!). You may also feel sluggish and unhealthy when you do not have that lean, toned physique that you want. There are, however, proven, realistic and healthy ways to reduce the amount of body fat you are carrying.

Follow a Detox Program

Most people who carry too much fat have been following an unhealthy diet filled with saturated fats, sugars and other unhealthy components. The body is not designed to accommodate this type of diet, and over time, the digestive system will begin to accumulate waste. This can make it difficult for your body to fully absorb the nutrients in your foods, and it can slow down digestion; further compounding a weight problem. A detox program is designed to remove the excess bulk waste in your system, and it promotes a healthier digestive process. You may notice weight loss of at least a few kg after a few days on a detox program – and your body’s digestive system will thank you for it!

Improve Your Diet

In addition to following a detox program or improving your digestive health, you should also consider improving your diet. When you consume sugars, extra carbs and fats, you are encouraging your body to store unnecessary fat. When you follow a meal plan that features lean meats, nuts, vegetables and other healthy options, you will begin to see a decline in the amount of fat on your frame. These options are easier for your digestive system to break down and turn into energy; so you will no longer feel lethargic – but vibrant and energetic!

Get Active

Improving your diet and giving your body a healthy jumpstart by following a detox program is a great way to improve your level of health. Getting regular exercise is vitally important too. Whether you walk for 30 minutes a day, ride your bike around the block or head to the gym for a workout, you should make an effort to be active as much as possible. While some experts may say being active three times a week is ideal, the fact is that even something as simple as taking a walk around the block on a daily basis can do wonders for your metabolism. Plus – with all the increased energy from your detox and improved diet, you’ll be jumping out of your skin to get outside and do something active!


↠ Tip: Starting out? Try these simple 15 minute workouts

Many people turn to pills, laxatives and fad diets with elaborate, prepackaged meals in order to reduce body fat. However, reducing fat and losing weight truly is as simple as eating healthier and getting exercise. When you follow these tips along with a detox program, you will see the results you want. That hot summer body could be coming your way!