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7 Tips to Become Your Fittest Self

Be the fittest you've ever been!

Become fit is a goal many of us have. Yet time constraints and distractions can make it hard to stick to our diets and fitness programs. Following some simple guidelines can actually help you achieve your fitness goals. So let’s look at 7 effective tips to help you become the fittest you’ve ever been.

1. Use Fitness Apps

Apps are a fun way to motivate you to get fitter. There are many types of apps for diet and fitness. Zombies, Run! turns running into a scary but fun escape from flesh eating zombies. Fooducate is a useful app for helping you decide which foods are the most nutritious. When the app gives a certain food a low nutritional grade, it will suggest a healthier alternative. If you really love high tech gadgets, the new Apple Watch has many fitness features incorporated into it, such as tracking the amount of time you spend sitting vs. standing.

2. Watch Your Portions

How much you eat is often a bigger issue than what you eat. Be aware of your portion size for snacks as well as main meals. Using smaller plates and bowls can help you reduce the amount of food you put in front of you. Also resist the temptation to take seconds (or even thirds!) at buffets.

3. Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Interval training means alternating between high and low intensity. On a treadmill, you could set the level to a high intensity for 20 seconds and then do 40 seconds of recovery at low intensity. This can be varied according to your present fitness level. This type of workout allows you to burn lots of calories in a short time. It’s an extremely efficient way to build fitness fast. Want something a bit harder? Try these HIIT workouts.

4. Do Strength Training

If you’re into weightlifting or bodybuilding, you don’t need this advice. However, if your main goal is overall fitness or weight loss, you should still make sure to do strength training on a regular basis. Weight lifting and other strength training exercises are actually the most efficient way to burn fat and calories. For maximum results, do both strength training and cardio at least 3x per week, either on the same days or different days.

5. Get Sufficient Rest

Rest is just as essential for fitness as working out. This means getting enough sleep and also resting your body in between workouts. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is put under stress. This is not good for you physically and can also affect your moods and mental state. When it comes to exercise, it’s also necessary to give your body a chance to recuperate. Don’t work out the same muscle groups two days in a row. Many people find that exercising strenuously three to four times per week is ideal, but find your own perfect schedule.

6. Change Up Your Exercise Routine

Doing different exercises is both beneficial to the body and helps you stay motivated. If you go to the gym, change up your routine every so often. You may also want to make more drastic changes. For example, in warm weather you might exercise outdoors more often. You could alternate between running, biking and swimming for cardio. Another fun way to stay fit is playing your favorite sports. However you exercise, don’t get into a rut. This ensures that your workouts are interesting and that you work different muscle groups in different ways.

7. Walk More

Walking is one of the healthiest exercises of all. It’s also appropriate for people of all fitness levels. You can either walk as a workout or do it in the course of your everyday life. If possible walk rather than drive to work or the store. Power walking is a good alternative to running if you have issues with your knees or back.