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3 Reasons Why Your Body Loves a Detox

Detoxification is the process of removing chemicals and toxins from the body. In our world of fast foods, processed foods and environmental pollution our bodies are prone to different types of chemicals. Detoxification assists with naturally ridding the body of these. Detoxing once or twice every 3 months renews the body, improves body functions, increases energy levels, leads to a healthier beautiful skin and assists with healthy weight loss.

Detoxification may involve following a body cleansing program such as Buji Tea, changing your diet to include raw, organic and natural foods, herbs, drinking hot lemon water, green tea and so on. Some of the many benefits of detoxification include weight loss, improved immune system, the ability to deal with stress better, as well as an increase in natural energy. Listed below are the top 3 reason why your body loves a detox. For more benefits, we recommend you read this fantastic overview of the benefits of detoxing.

1. Improved sense of well-being

From free radicals that occur as a byproduct of body processes, to the chemicals in the food we eat, toxins can affect your energy levels; causing digestive problems and fatigue as well as affecting your overall health. Toxins affect the functioning of body processes and functions, leaving you feeling fatigued, sluggish and sickly. Toxins can also cause irritations, allergies, inflammation and sensitivities. A detox helps rid the body of these wastes—leaving you feeling fresh and energised.

2. Improved digestion

Following a detox plan gives your digestive system a break from bad foods. Eating fibre, fruits, vegetables, whole foods and drinking enough water as well as an herbal cleansing tea such as Buji Tea’s Sunrise Detox will help remove old food waste from the digestive system. Getting rid of waste in the digestive tract renews your digestive enzymes and improves the digestive system function. This helps prevent constipation, improves digestion and assists with healthy weight loss. Some of nature’s superfoods can assist in this process.

3. Gets rid of body toxins for improved health

A thorough body cleanse helps get rid of waste from your system through the skin, liver and other body organs. Toxins can affect your overall mental, emotional and physical health. Ridding the body of toxins helps improve your immune system, bodily functions and processes which leads to better health and improved quality of life.

A proper detox plan can improve your health in a number of ways. From improved skin, digestion, focus, energy, and digestion, a body detox can make you feel and look fantastic. Get your health on track for 2015 and nourish and cleanse your body with one of our delicious detox programs!