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Start Your Day with Sunrise Detox Tea

Start Your Day with Sunrise Detox Tea


Buji Detox Tea

Are you looking for a change from your daily coffee routine? Tired of being a slave to the small caffeine boost you’re getting from four or five cups of coffee each day?

Buji Tea has a solution that will give you clean, healthy energy while supporting you in a nutritional cleanse to boost your overall health and wellness: Sunrise Detox Tea.

Buji Tea’s Sunrise Detox is made from 100% natural ingredients so that your energy boost isn’t replaced by a crash later in the day. Superfoods like goji berries and yerba mate encourage healthy internal processes, so that your daily energy boost is enhanced by long-term nutritional benefits. Consider it an investment in your future!

You’ll be amazed at how your day glides by with the benefit of this carefully-crafted tea. The tea’s organic ingredients will work overtime to start to undo the damage caused by years of drinking unhealthy coffee drinks loaded with sugar. These high-calorie beverages often stand in the way between you and your ideal body, and the best thing about the Sunrise Detox tea is that you won’t even miss your old favourite coffees. Instead, you’ll be looking forward to a delicious, flavourful cup of tea each morning.

Of course, the Sunrise Detox tea is meant to be consumed within the parameters of a 14- or 28-day cleanse. Buji Tea recommends at least a 14-day break between cleanses, so what is someone meant to drink between Sunrise Detox regimens? It’s very important to resist the temptation to fall back into old habits between cleanses. Don’t run back to your Caramel Macchiato or Pumpkin Spice Latte! Instead, stock up on organic teas packed with herbs and vitamins. While not quite as efficient as Buji Tea’s masterful cleanses, they’ll help boost your immune system and keep your body in good working order until your next incredible cleanse.

You can thank us later!

Skinny Dip's Secret Weapon

Since launching Buji Tea in Australia, we’ve seen its popularity grow at home and around the world. (Buji Tea ships to any destination in the world with free postage!) Our most popular TeaTox system is the Skinny Dip Weight Loss Tea, an effective 14 day or 28 day regimen that cleanses your body and encourages healthy, natural weight loss. Buji Tea customers have been reporting fantastic results, but few are able to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s causing them to shed weight almost overnight.

The secret weapon?

Garcinia Cambogia Extract. You may have read about this popular ingredient, drawn from a small fruit grown in Indonesia. It looks like a pale green pumpkin, grows on trees, and is also referred to as a Malabar tamarind or brindleberry. And it just so happens to be one of the most effective weight loss aids available today. Garcinia Cambogia Extract (GCE) works by hitting your body with a one-two weight-loss punch:

    1. Fat-burning boost: The active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is an acid found in the rind of the fruit called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). HCA is a natural fat-burning warrior, as it blocks an enzyme (citrate lyase) that is one of the top fat-creators in your body. Without citrate lyase working overtime to make fat, the natural detoxing effects of Buji Tea are able to effectively encourage weight loss.
    2. Natural appetite suppressant: In addition to blocking citrate lyase, HCA also operates as a safe hunger suppressant. When you drink Skinny Dip Weight Loss Tea, the Garcinia Cambogia Extract raises your brain’s serotonin levels. This leaves you feeling happier (and less hungry) throughout the day. No more snacking to get through a stressful day at work!

      Garcinia Cambogia is available in many health-food stores as a natural diet supplement. However, you can save money and reap additional rewards by getting your GCE boost through a Skinny Dip TeaTox. In addition to aiding weight loss, an affordable 14-day TeaTox will cleanse your body of built-up impurities, provide a natural energy boost, and even improve your sleeping habits. The Skinny Dip Weight Loss Tea program also includes our Siesta Cleanse night tea, proven to give you a good night’s sleep while promoting internal recovery.

      Looking to fit into a smaller size for this year’s fall fashions? Seeking a boost in your exercise regimen? Let Garcinia Cambogia Extract do the work for you and watch the weight fall off!

      *Buji Tea should be consumed as part of a healthy diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

      Get Swimsuit Ready in Time for Summer With Buji Tea

      Get summer ready with Buji Tea!With summer just around the corner, it is time to get your body into swimsuit-ready form with Buji Tea. Offered in three essential tea blends, Buji Tea can be shipped to over 20 countries around the world. Whether you want to lose weight or just detox, Buji Tea can support your goals.


      Losing Weight

      One of our best teas for weight loss is the Skinny Dip Weight Loss Tea. This type of tea is a mixture of natural ingredients like yerba mate, garcinia cambogia extra and sencha green tea. When combined together, these ingredients give you the boost that you need to lose weight just in time for summer. The tea works to boost your metabolism naturally while leaving you feeling fuller.


      Getting Optimised Results

      Even the best weight loss supplements and teas are not designed to work on their own. Buji Tea is intended to enhance your health and work with a healthy diet. With this in mind, we have a healthy diet plan that should accompany your use of Buji Tea. For maximum results, you will need to eat a balance diet, exercise and drink Buji Tea. The ideal diet will include plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, fish and lean protein. To simplify your meal planning, check out our eating guide.


      Detox and Cleansing Options

      If your body is already prepared for summer, you can still benefit from using Buji Tea. The Sunrise Detox Tea and the Siesta Cleanse Tea are designed to give your body a break from the toxins and stress of every day life. With the Sunrise Detox Tea, you receive a blend of ingredients like yerba mate and goji berries that naturally detox your body. The Siesta Cleanse tea uses ingredients like chamomile and jasmine blossoms that promote cleansing and deep sleep. The Siesta Cleanse comes with both the Skinny Dip Weight Loss and Sunrise Detox programs.

      Summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine and get outdoors. Before you hit the waves, make sure that your body is ready for everything that the surf throws at it. Lose weight, reduce toxins and cleanse your body through the range of teas offered by Buji Tea.