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Our bestie pack is aimed at those who want to get their friends or loved ones into a detox or weight loss journey

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The Power of Buji Tea

The tea that athletes prefer to drink, the tea to improve yourself

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What are sports models using to LOSE WEIGHT?

Ever wonder how all the athletes are getting into shape? Maybe you want to know their secret of staying in shape or how they stay healthy year round? Well we know a few of their secrets!

Don't wait for summer to start!

Get ready for summer now and not when it's too late with Buji's Organic Skinny Dip tea.

  • Take a dip with our Skinny Dip tea!

    The perfect blend for your morning swim to get you ready for summer in no time. Have a look at what our athletes have to say about it!

  • Everything you NEED in ONE teabag

    We have put together the perfect blend of natural organic ingredients to allow you to look, feel and be the best you can be all in one tea bag!

  • Lose weight or detox with your favourite partner!

    Our bestie pack has you and your friend, partner or soulmate covered for weight loss or detoxing!

  • All it takes is one cup a day to improve your health

    It's as easy as one cup in the morning and one every other night to help you on your way to detoxing or losing weight!

Skinny Dip Weight Loss TeaTox - 28 Day
  • Healthy Weight Loss

    Packed with superfoods like goji berries and yerba mate, Buji Tea’s Skinny Dip Teatox and Sunrise Detox Tea work naturally to rid your digestive system and internal organs of harmful chemicals and accumulated contaminants.

  • 100% Organic

    Buji Tea products are made with the highest quality organic tea; specifically sourced and formulated to assist with weight loss, detoxification and optimum body function

  • Recharge Your Batteries

    Buji's range of tea's allow you to recharge your energy in the morning when you need it most!

  • It's So Easy!

    Just one cup of Skinny Dip in the morning and Siesta Cleanse at night!


See what others are saying about our products

This weight loss tea is amazing!! In 5 days I have already lost 3kg and completely reduced my bloating. I am usually a mad coffee drinker but since being on this teatox I have found that the morning detox tea gives me the same kick of energy that I need without having to have the coffee! The night tea tastes soo good as well and I have this just after dinner to stop the post dinner snacks. Love this tea!

14 Day Skinny Dip Weight Loss Teatox

These bestie packs are the best value! Nowhere else in Australia sells weight loss tea this cheap - especially when you combine it in one of these packs! Love the taste and the results too (most important thing!)

Skinny Dip Weight Loss Teatox Bestie Pack

I have tried like 5 other herbal and weight loss teas similar to this one but this is the best tasting and I had the best results from it. My stomach was definitely flatter after only a week and after I finished the full amount the results were really AMAZING!!!! Do yourself a favor and try Buji Tea :)

Skinny Dip Weight Loss Teatox Bestie Pack

I've previously left a review for some of the other products but just want to say this is a fantastic offer! I love Buji Tea and continue to buy it, but you can't go wrong with getting a free 14 day pack before Christmas! Will be buying more herbal and weight loss teas from Buji. 

28 Day Sunrise Detox Teatox - Buy One Get One Free Xmas Special